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Welcome to The Apex Trail Race Series: Apex Sprint!

The Apex Sprint sets the stage for an unforgettable trail running experience. This thrilling event begins an annual tradition that promises to push boundaries, test endurance, and bring together trail runners of all levels.

Race Information

Date: June 22, 2024
Location: Moonlight Beach, Sudbury, ON

Parking: Moonlight Beach parking area

12 KM Race Start: 9:00 am

6 KM Race Start: 9:35 am

1 KM Kids Race: 10:30 am


Race Day Details:
The Apex Sprint Race kicks off the Apex Trail Race Series with an exciting start. Participants will gather at the Moonlight Beach parking lot, where the finish line is also set. Before the race begins, all runners will be transported from the finish line to the starting point by bus, ensuring everyone begins the race energized and ready.


12 KM Race Details

CHECK IN TIME - 7:30 am

BUS DEPARTURE - 8:00 am sharp!

RACE START - 9:00 am

6 km Race Detals

CHECK IN TIME - 7:45 am

BUS DEPARTURE - 8:30 am sharp!

RACE START - 9:35 am


Race Options:

  • 6km Trail Run: Perfect for those who want a fast-paced run through scenic trails.

  • 12km Trail Run: A challenging distance for runners looking to push their limits.

  • 1km Kids Race: A fun and safe route for young runners, starting and ending at Moonlight Beach.


Course Description:
Both the 6km and 12km races will take runners on beautiful, marked trails, starting from a remote location back to Moonlight Beach. The courses are designed to offer a mix of terrains that are both runner-friendly and challenging, ensuring a fulfilling experience for all participants. 


Rules / Guidelines

1. If you do not see the flagging tape you are going the wrong way, turn around until you find the marking tape for the race, then continue on the race route. The tape will be set out so that it will always be in sight.

2. If someone needs to pass, please make room for them to get by.

3. Stay on course with the markers at all times.

4. There are bears in that area, so please be cautious when running, we recommend not wearing headphones during the run so you can be present. It's a trail run, we want you to enjoy your run in nature not the beats in your head. You are also navigating so having a clear mind will help you to stay on course.


Please help us in keeping this a fun and safe experience for everyone that runs. If anyone is found messing with the course they will be disqualified and restricted to enter any of the following Apex Trail Races.

6. Absolutely no littering, what you bring in you bring out. Let's work together to keep the trails as clean as possible. If something happens to drop by mistake by someone else and you see it, please take that second to pick it up. It feels much better to pick it up, instead of leaving it behind thinking about the person that dropped it.

7. Have fun! Last year was a blast, let's do it again, next year we all race together!

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